How can I change my life?

You can change your reality at any given time. You all have the greatest gift the universe has to offer,
freedom of choice, therefore choose to renew yourself. Remember who you are. Fore, The Time is Now!
Know that you would not be reading this unless it was time. WE love you!

Is there right and wrong?

Most importantly you should understand that you or another has never done anything wrong. You may
have made some poor decisions and taken part in some things that were and are not in your highest
good. You will begin to remember when things no longer serve you, and you will move away from them.

Is there a Soulmate for everyone?

Moreover, WE tell you that in your current physical existence you were not made as such to be alone.
Yes, all of you have a romantic Soul Mate.
Quantum Matrix
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On a summer night in a quiet living room in Illinois
something miraculous occurred. God, or as they prefer to
be called, "All There Is, Was, and Ever Shall Be," began to
speak verbally through Elliott Eli Jackson to his wife
Diane. During this occurrence, Elliott spoke of things
that he could have no knowledge or understanding of
and he appeared to be in a semi-conscious state. Diane
began to document the messages given to her during
these encounters. Additionally, Elliott began to type
automatic messages at night on the computer.
The Rest is History!