Awesome!!!! Like nothing I have experienced before.
- Terri P. New Orleans, LA

Source came through in a powerful and clear way. Each
of the messages and challenges served to reinforce and
reassure me in going forward...
- Astrid M. Providence, RI
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What People are Saying!
A big thank you note for coming to our store!  We have gotten
good feedback from others. For me it was a revelation.  A lot of
what I have been working on came up in the session. Also it
was wonderful confirmation of what I know to be true. Last
week was both an eye-opener and a clearing.
- Pat C. Owner, Power of the Rainbow
- Arlington, Texas
I cannot believe how wonderful our time with Diane and
Elliott was. They bring the voice of God directly to people
who are in desperate need for answers. I feel completely
transformed and refreshed.
Donna & John W. - Kentucky
I was at a level in my life were I felt I could no longer
go on… Elliott looked at me and began to channel
Source. Source told me events that had taken place
that no one could have known. My life changed
profoundly from that day forward. I was given a new
outlook on life.
Rita W. Owner Pyramid of Enlightenment
- Indianapolis, Indiana
...The revelations from Source have changed my life. I know this
is just the beginning and there will be many wonders which will
begin to be revealed and I will understand them over time.
Thank you for showing me and transmitting this priceless gift! I
am honored and humbled to receive it. -
Vanessa, Florida
I really appreciate the information I received from Source through
Elliott. I was given information (direction) to move me forward
regarding volunteering, which is something that needed to be
resolved. Areas that no longer serve my higher self were identified. I
received positive feedback to let me know I am on the right track. I
simply cannot wait to read his (their) books. -
Jo, Illinois
Source was able to tap into some of my innermost
questions and concerns. Source was able to provide
insight into both my future and my past.
Deborah, Illinois
Awe-inspiring, hands down the most life-changing 30
minutes. Insights were given that couldn't have come
from anyone else but Source!
- Marie, Tucson, AZ
The message was very uplifting. I felt the problems of
the world were lifted. He (Source) answered all
questions that were on my mind. I felt like I can move
forward in a positive way. -  
Cheryl, Illinois
Source (through Elliott) put together
the pieces of my life!
Michelle, Indiana
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