White Dove Circle of Light and Love
White Dove Circle of Light and Love supports you on your
journey in finding your own truth. They offer information
and tools to help you understand who you really are, what
lessons you came to remember, and how life really works.
Eric Watrous
Ordained minister, shaman, healing practitioner, and
channel. Eric, lives in Florida, and practices the modalities
of past life healing. He uses shamanic energies. Eric, is
capable of clearing places and spaces and sending
protection around people and places. Eric is also a channel
of divine healing information.  
The I Am, You Are, We Are One workshop is full of
Love, Light and motivation, so expect to have a
unique, life-changing  experience.

When Source is speaking through Elliott, please pay
close attention to ensure you don't miss something
that may be important and possibly life-altering for

The use of all audio and video recording devices is
prohibited during the workshop this ensure the
privacy of all attendees. Please turn off all cell phones.

All workshops are created by You. When you come,
center yourself, focus, and be prepared to ask
questions and receive answers. You may desire to jot
down your questions prior to the workshop. Be ready
for pure, true, uplifting answers that will
revolutionize your life. There are no limitations on
the questions that may be asked.  

If you or someone you know are interested in forming
a I Am, You Are, We Are One study group in your
area, please see one of our staff members before
leaving the event. You will be contacted later or
Click Here.

Light and Love Always,

Diane, Elliott, and ALL There Is, Was and Ever Shall
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Pat Zimmerman
"From Whence We Came"
Andrea Theocles
graces the cover of
From Got to You: Absolute Truth
Beverly McCaw
Life Coach, Wellness Facilitator, Inspirational Teacher,
Speaker, Author RN, Bachelor of Science in Nursing,
Nurse Case Manager, Matrix Energetics Transformational
Techniques, Certified Life Journey Coach, Certified Soul
Purpose & Happiness Life Coach, Egoscue Postural
Alignment Therapy, Nutrition Response Testing
Practitioner, and Access Consciousness Bars, Beverly uses
Crystal Surgery, the Bemer Machine Micro Circulation
Flow Energy Technology, Vogel Crystal healing, BioGenesis
energy grids and tools, Tuning Fork sound healing, and
Young Living Essential Oil aromatherapy in her healing